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Diana Putters

 inspire . . .  experiment . . . create . . . enjoy. . .

artist statement

In my autonomous work I set out to explore my own reality. I am searching for a connection with my subconscious mind. The medium of photography helps me on my journey inward. It is a way of visualizing my inner thoughts and emotions. Purely instinctive. I try to create several layers of emotion by using light and experimenting with both analogue and digital techniques. Through this combination, a new world is created in which everything is possible. My own poetic visual world, that can evoke stories in the imagination of the viewer.


In June 2020, I graduated in Photographic Design from the Dutch Academy of Image Creation with my project Why? ‘That’s How It Ought To Be’. However, I have been a photographer for a long time. In the nineties I started travelling more outside of Europe, and that’s when I started with photography. Analogue. Since then, analogue photography has kept a hold on me. It enables me to create the atmosphere I am looking for. Often a poetic one. At the moment, I use both analogue and digital techniques or a combination of both. I am a member of Collectief Brabant, a collective of photographers and artists. In October 2020, I was selected as one of the 100 talents for GUP New 2021.


2024 Collectief Brabant – Eindhoven
2022 Collectief Brabant – Eindhoven
2020 GUP New 2021 Kahmann Gallery – Amsterdam
2015 ‘New Crop’ John Lambrichts – Centre Ceramique Maastricht
2014 ‘Songs from the Heart’ – Breda Photo Masterclass – Breda
2014 ‘Reflections’ – Chengdu China and Maastricht
2003-2013 Divers Group Exhibitions


2021 Selected for GUP New talent
2017 Silver IPA-ph
2015 Candidate for Federal Masterclass (BMK)
2014 Selected for Foto Nationaal 
2013 Selected for Foto Nationaal


2021 Mentorship – From expression to touch with Tom Meerman
2017 – 2020 Photographic Design – Dutch Academie for Image Creation
2014 Masterclass – ‘Songs from the Heart’ – Breda Photo
2013 Masterclass – Narrative Photography with John Lambrichts